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Destiny, 31 y.o.
Accra, Ghana [Current City]
Abuja, Nigeria [Hometown]


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Reply - Conversation - May 13
Good afternoon viewer all over the world I bring u greetings.
I want to talk about purpose and are mastermind abilities
If u do not know ur purpose or are to mastermind u abilities.
There the things u will be experiencing or pass threu
1) The person will decorate from everything thing that he or she do
2) if the person is a business person he or she will doing the rong business and he or she experiencing lost
3) The person will be unstable
These are something the person will be experiencing
If are in the right purpose or u have mastermind ur ability
U will be in peace and anything u do that is right u will experience growth
How do fine our purposes or mastermind our ability
Is content too our creator and He we leed u are to know ur purpose and mastermind our a bility
Thinks for reading
My name is Destiny
Reply - Conversation - May 4
Good morning viewer over de would.
Am here too talk how we treat our partners or spouse as a marriage couple is good ideas for man to stop his wife from working, to me is not good one
Why do I so.
1) If a man stop his from working, she will be less productive know any person is less productive he or she will be liability if ur is now a liability to ur home it
Become problem.
2) If ur wife become full housewife it will undermine ur family grouts, we men should no women are the builder of our home yes some people we our wife need or the time to take cere of de children or kids some people say if I crippled my wife financially I'll able to tell here that too do, yes our wife need or the time to take the home responsibility.
Is a good ideas to stop ur from working under u person organisation but before taking the action u should make an alternative investing on that she like doing best and not a detraction to u guys family.
We men should know that there is no matter how a man is wedding his not productive positively is just matter of time the man will be bank crops.
Yes I no that some ladies difficult to work with that is why u should know ur strength and witness and know ur Patna strength and witness. If u feel that what am saying is adding positive values u to u r life or living follow me on Instagram @ Destiny.udi
Thinks for reading
My name is Destiny
Look forward to see u on Instagram
Reply - Conversation - May 2
Good evening viewer or over the world I bring u greetings .
I want to talk about how to avoid some marriage problem before going into marriage so less start .
1) Has a man, u need to be financially free what do I mean be financially free having steady come pls single me our there don't wait any woman to take ur responsibility and pls so misunderstood me yes is good to have an helping hand ✋ but know she I giving an helping hand ✋ do not take it as advantage or right note that from the beginning a woman is an helping mate.
2) Has a ladies out there u need to know ur human or ur spouse u don't have de some equal strength know that ur man is above u.
3) men lear how too ask ur why opinions regarding ur family issues if here opinions is not suitable let here understand the is not going to work regarding the issue.
4) Pls take off pride know that doesn't build it always destroy be humble too each other.
5) pls learn are to tell other the truth no matter that know that u know that u need one thousand lie to cover lie.
6) Learn how to appreciate each other learn are to accommodate each other .
7) pls ur Union above everything except God
8) Be kind to each other.
I we will take it has a correction not as achalage
Thanks for reading
My name is Destiny
Reply - Conversation - Apr 29
Good morning viewer I bring u greetings
I want to emphasize on productive
Topic productive
Les ask our self some sensitive question are we really productive are can we productive as a people
How to be productive positive Les us cut waist in our thought Les slowdown in our high life live us learn how to work with are present on our financial power. we should not be hoping on on realistic hope or Vision also Les us learn how Tate responsibility, pls should be resave financially .
My name is Destiny.
Thinks for reading
Reply - Conversation - Apr 28
Good morning viewer all over the world I bring u greetings.
I want tall about we men and our characters, and we treat our partners, we men we are going at telling lies to impress a lady we should know that any relationship that start with lies will never last we should be real to our self and our partners a true love is build with truth and trust.
This is an advice to we single men first know ur strength ur witness it will help u to fine a partner
And for those that are already married u need love cere and respect here know a woman is like a pop cement is how u mood it that is how it will look like
A wick man lay he hand on his partner
Pls let us make a better home and take of breaking home.
Thinks for reading
My name is Destiny
Reply - Conversation - Apr 27
Good evening viewer over the world I bring u greetings.
I want to talk about successful person and unsuccessful person, everyone want to be successful but few people are ready to pay the price a successful person always cut waist and invest wisely.
A unsuccessful person alway waist resource loose job opportunity complaint of things
Pls let us be reserve financially
My name is Destiny
Thinks for reading
Reply - Conversation - Apr 27
Love is real lost is fake
Reply - Conversation - Apr 27
Good afternoon viewer all over the world I bring u greetings.
There is this issue will have in this our generation especially our ladies
To I was going treu some app I sow a post of a lady half nicked I'm not condemning here.
If a man love or like u because of ur body or shape it may last because he we still see body or shape that is better than u
A reall man we not love or like because of u body or shape he we love or like u because of what u process positively.
We have so breaking home today because results of losing after body or shape pls ladies add value to ur body so men can love u ladies not because of ur body or shape because of what u process positively
I pray u ladies should not take it as an insult but as a word of corrections.
My name is Destiny
Thinks for reading.
Reply - Conversation - Apr 27
Good morning view all over the world
There is this question
Can u do without God ?
If the answer no
Less Anwar this question individually
How is God to us ?
My answer is God is my foundation and my all and all.
My nam is Destiny
Thinks for reading.
Reply - Conversation - Apr 26
I bring u greetings this evening Can u love someone and also hate that person
1) U don't hate people but do not like character of the person what u need to do u just exercise patient loving so u can be close to he or she so u educate the person of is character so he or she we be a better person to is family his country and people around the person.
My is Destiny thinks for reading
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