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Paul, 31 y.o.
Elhovo, Bulgaria [Current City]

Looking for

Language practice
Meeting in person
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Reply - Conversation - Sep 12, 2020
Recently made a bbq. Cooked 2 pork steaks, boiled 10 eggs, baked 9 hands of bread, boiled 8 litres if honey water, made2 litres of tea. Baked 8 jacket poratoes. Could have cooked more.
Bread with sauce, salad, tomatoes, cucumber.
And savi alcohol!!! One year i made 60+ litres of wine.
Tried it tonight. Drunk!!! So the savi alcoholi is a success.
ahhh good music, fresh air, sunshine, booze, good food!!! :p
Savi Success!!!
Reply - Conversation - Apr 20, 2020
Sometimes i am in a jokey mood, ok, i might feel like teasing... please dont get too upset, ok? I am often serious but sometimes i wanna play, have some fun, smile and laugh, unserious criticism, exaggeration, absurdity, obvious lies....
Laughing and joking and humility rather than serious criticism or boasting about great qualifications etc
I understand the Russians are rather serious and cool. Just wanted to test if its true.
I thought Ukrainians might have more of a sense of humour...
I guess russian ice is very very cold.
Do Russians only use vodka to break the ice or are there other methods?

well, i apologise if i offended your highhanded seriosity...
(i used a word that is not a word, ok!)
Reply - Conversation - Sep 16, 2019
Summer 2019 Success
Bought a car! Driving again! :)
Reply - Conversation - Jul 3, 2019
I work in uk half year and save the money. Its as much as a bulgarian earns in a year. So i spend other half of year in bulgaria where i have a house and other property and i am a beekeeper. Also do other jobs sometimes like building, gardening etc
Every year i increase number of hives.
In 2019 my beekeeping business increased by 200%
Also prepared for 50% business increase in 2020.
Such a career allows me to have up to 3 months holiday time per year when i do whatever i want.
i have lots of work skills. i have teaching qualifications, have taught english in a school and could teach english on skype. I could teach yoga. I could grow and sell plants.
But why work so hard if i am a single person with no children?
Reply - Conversation - Mar 22, 2019
Bought a van.
Paid enough to have a pension.
Bought new tablet, speakers, and various other things.
Bought new fragrant plants for my garden.
Saved £3000.
Learned alot of things, lots of research.
Done more design on my fantasy rpg game.
A successful autumn winter! :)
Hard work and intelligence pays off!
Reply - Conversation - Jan 6, 2019
Just wanted to say thanks to the inspirational gifts i received upon this day of the magi 2019
This years spiritual gift, the art of healing, better awareness of the flow of power in the body, the timing sequences of humanity. Also decoded better awareness of some of the childhood stories i wrote and read and how they have effected my life.
Note to self, try to remember all the visions and knowledge i received in my life. Try to be happy and grateful rather than being sad because lonely. Try to accept i couldnt know so much and have received so many gifts and blessings if i had not been single.
Reply - Conversation - Jan 6, 2019
I guess i deserve to be ignored.
Once i loved a woman very much.
But due to inner doubts and worries and fears i closed myself off to her, pushed her out of my life, ceased communication with her. This hurt her for much and made her sad.
It also made me sad as well. I missed her very much.
The same thing has been done to me before as well. I know what it feels like to be pushed out and denied love.
So next time i will be very careful about moving from friendship to love and when i do have a beloved i will care for her and not close myself off or push her away. This time i will not dissappear. I will stay attached and not break the relationship.
I have learned an important life lesson, when i seperated from my exgirl friend.
I wish i could apologise to her....
I feel sad regret that i ended it and hurt her. But i cant change the past only change myself to be better than i was
Reply - Conversation - Jan 3, 2019
Love is difficult and complicated. Things happen often without us understanding. Love is a miracle yet it is fragile. It can break. People can seperate forever. But people can also seperate and change and miss each other and come back together for a stronger greater relationship together. I would propose a 3 strikes and your out rule. Yet it is for each individual to choose severity or mercy. Maybe the person you met was a learning experience to help perfect you for a future greater love? Dont let happy memories become hated ones. Its difficult to trust or love again if keep that cold hate. The pain of an old love can be healed by a new love, or the old love returned. I had a beautiful generous caring beloved. She was like a dream come true. Yet sadly at that time in my life i was blind, half alive , part frozen. I wasnt able to love her as much as she loved me. I was torn apart inside by doubts and issues that caused me to end the relationship. Yet i missed her so much. Only in that absence did i learn how much i missed her. But i was changed by her love and transformed to become more caring and more generous. I learned how to love more, yet i regretted her loss almost everyday and still miss her now. It was my fault. I pushed her away, i lost her. Maybe i will suffer that regret all my life. She was a fire that melted my ice yet her fire burned out. She is no more in my life. Like eros the invisible god. Even though somebody is gone from our lives they may have still been a cause of love. Maybe she is now happier than she has ever been? Maybe i was but a bridge helping her get there?
Yet now my ice is melted and i feel so alive, it feels so difficult to be alone.
Reply - Conversation - Dec 23, 2018
A nameless almost poem by myself 22/12/18 copyright Paul Savoir

wild passion roils inside
such lust to live life to its fullest
brave, unafraid, full of energy
to live happy with you
to make you all of my attention
to dive into you and swim in your sea
explore your moods
bathe in the sunlight of your smile
oh how i crave the fun of your companionship
yet i am so inhibited
the work that tires me, limits my freetime,
the social prejudice, the barriers of polite civility,
that covers my flesh and blood with statue stone skin
telling me i am not allowed to feel
or desire
saying who i should desire when there is none of it for those
contraception from ill made matches forced upon me
trapped by boring unbeloveds
seperated by walls of defeaning music
oh how they drug me, to sleepy sedated oblivion
yet when i wake up sober reality shatters the beer goggled hazy daze of illusionary love
oh how they kill me little by little
denying me love, starving me of companionship and affection
oh how i hunger
for beloved
yet who hears my lonely cries
none dry my tears, the solitary confinement numbs the spirit of life, which desires to rise up and break out
the teenage self inside this older body still yearns
for unrestrained fun, to laugh and joke
the poet and muscian longs to sing
the artist desires to create
the master of pleasure desires to use his skills
but without a beloved
these skills are unused frustration
without beloved there is little to smile about
little to inspire a song
without beloved everyday seems a wasted opportunity
as if i am in prison
a rat race accumulating a number in a bank
my life just waiting, frozen, saving
cold exterior as if locked inside a suit of armour
while the body inside begs for the touch of love
oh tragedy!
such capacity for love, yet instead, desolation
Not even happy memories, not even hope
Just bitterness and jealousy and regrets
Pschylogical pain that could spawn oceans of tears
Everyday seeming a torture
Females within sight that are not mine or that i am not allowed
crushed with cravings, smashed by unmerciful society that cares not for this mans need for love.
where is my beloved?
where is the wild nights where i am with thee
where are you whose presence is my greatest luxury
who wildly steals me away from this dead denying society
so overshadowed and cold
oh beloved i lay cold in the snowy icy hellish world
i am dying without love
oh beloved could you save me, rescue me with your bodies warmth.
prove to me that it was worth surviving this long
prove to me that there will be an end to misery
that my fragile hope was correct after all
that there is somebody for everybody
that for this lonely lonely lonely man
there is one who could heal him, soothe away the pain
and love him, truely, madly, badly, deeply
Reply - Conversation - Sep 7, 2018
1ST time ive sunbathed in my garden. Been too busy until now! Recently completed new sunny patio area. Concrete and kamok granite stone paving slabs. Large outside double bed with storage space inside, hard padded top so may sunbathe on. I did some savvy solar yoga on it today! :p have a patio table with parasol and extra bench, can seat 8 easily! At night can lay out on the bed and look at the stars! :) i completed the other projects i wanted to this summer so celebrating today! :)
Other Projects completed this summer! Things i made,
Living room: 4 new wardrobes, various shelves, table to seat 6+, computer table, sofa with hammock above.
Kitchen: new laminate floor, lots of new cupboard units, decorated with art nouveau.
Bedroom, 3 new large wardrobes, fold up tv table, raised floor to create massive underfloor storage area, looks like one large super bed, a double double bed! Ha ha prepared for all those kama sutra orgies! Ha ha :p
Downstairs room, did alot of work on that, entrance room got spme new cupboards.
Lots of things improved.
Also new solar food drier, 1st year ive harvested pollen. My hazelnuts gave their 1st harvest of nuts, 1st peach harvest, lots of new food inspirations etc
And successful last years wine making, made about 100 litres of wine last year! :p Drunk about 4 to 6 litres this summer. :)
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